LogConv FAQ - .Net

Q: Why on Earth did you write LogConv in .Net?
There are a couple of reasons. First, .Net is becoming more important in my full time job and I needed to get more experience with the platform and do so faster than I was able to do so at work alone. Secondly, the .Net platform provided me a way out of the hassles I had faced in trying to support multiple platforms in the past from DOS to Linux. Instead of implementing new features, I was spending too much time tracking down memory errors that were only occurring on one platform and not others. I want the majority of the time I spend developing LogConv to go towards new features and enhancements.

Q: What platforms support the .Net runtime?
Microsoft provides .Net runtime v3.5 installations for Windows XP and Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. There is no support for Windows 95/98/ME.

Q: Why is the .Net runtime install so big?
The LogConv install is small, but the .Net runtime install is quite large, but you should only have to download and install it once. Subsequent versions of LogConv will support the same runtime, so downloading the next LogConv release will not require so much bandwidth. The size of the .Net runtime install is large because the .Net platform provides so much power to the programmer, and thus the programs that are written for it.

Q: Where can I get the right version of the .Net runtime?
The v3.5 .Net is available directly from Microsoft at:
    .Net v3.5 runtime