LogConv FAQ - Pricing

Q: How much does LogConv cost?
LogConv sells for $5. A license key is provided which will enable the software to convert files beyond the 10 QSO limit of the software without a valid license key.

Apply License GUI
Use the GUI app license tool to enable all of LogConv's features.
Q: How long is the license valid?
The license is valid forever, at least for that version of LogConv and any minor updates to that version. For example, the key for version 2.0 will be valid for not only that version, but also version 2.01, 2.02 and so on. Each of these releases should contain mostly defect fixes and minor features. Version 2.1, when released, will not work with the 2.0 license since it will contain additional features.

Q: How do I buy a license?
You can purchase a license for LogConv right here on this website. Through PayPal you can pay either from a PayPal account, or by using a major credit card.

Q: How do I apply my license key?
Start up the GUI version of LogConv from its program icon, or run LogConv.exe from the command line. Press the "License" button on the main screen and enter the license key displayed on the website or from the email you received. When a license has successfully been applied the "Apply" button will be greyed out.

Q: I changed computers and lost my license. Can I get a replacement?
Sure, just send me email along with the callsign you used to originally register the product and I'll send it to you again.