Shack View When I lived in Texas I had a small shack set up in the guest bedroom closet. Because of neighborhood antenna restrictions I was limited to what I could set up in the attic. The setup included:

  • Kenwood TS-680S HF-6M Transceiver
  • Kenwood TR-751A 2M multi-mode (broken at the moment)
  • 100W 6M Amp (borrowed from K5TR)
  • Wire dipoles for 20M, 15M, 10M, 6M
  • Icom T-7A 2M/440 HT

My lovely wife Penny gave me this shack as a wedding present. The wraparound desk that she built from scratch provided more than enough room for my typical activities. I do miss that little station.

Since moving to California, I've only managed to erect an end-fed wire antenna drapped along the backyard fenceline. Still, with a low antenna and low power I've managed to contact stations all over Canada and the US (and some outside of that) using FT8.

When seeing DX Cluster spots for stations I have no hope of working from home I log onto RemoteHamRadio.com for the sure thing.